QGIS interface

The QGIS-OTB plugin (requires QGIS > 3.2)

With QGIS < 3.8 you will need to manually install the plugin. You can follow the instruction here: https://gitlab.orfeo-toolbox.org/orfeotoolbox/qgis-otb-plugin#otb-provider-for-qgis-processing

With QGIS > 3.8, the plugin is already in the QGIS core. So you just need to install OTB and activate the plugin: https://www.orfeo-toolbox.org/CookBook/QGISInterface.html#open-processing-settings

Download and Install OTB

OTB is not distributed with qgis-otb-plugin. It is a separate project and has its own git repository. Download latest OTB version: https://www.orfeo-toolbox.org/download/.

Configure plugin in QGIS

Restart QGIS, then install the OTB plugin: Plugins -> Manage and Install Plugins.

Click on Installed tab on left and make sure box next to OrfeoToolBox (OTB) is checked.

Open processing settings

Settings -> Options -> Processing (left panel)

You can see OTB under “Providers”:

  • Expand OTB tab
  • Tick Activate option
  • Set OTB folder. This is location of your OTB installation.
  • Set OTB application folder. This is location of your OTB applications. <OTB_FOLDER>/lib/otb/applications
  • Click “ok” to save settings and close dialog. If settings are correct, you will have OTB algorithms loaded in Processing toolbox


As of QGIS 3.8 the otb plugin is in the core. It might get messy if you have a previously installed plugin. Try to remove the old plugin before launching QGIS.