UTM zone determination from a geographic point.


This application returns the UTM zone of an input geographic point.

This application has several output images and supports “multi-writing”. Instead of computing and writing each image independently, the streamed image blocks are written in a synchronous way for each output. The output images will be computed strip by strip, using the available RAM to compute the strip size, and a user defined streaming mode can be specified using the streaming extended filenames (type, mode and value). Note that multi-writing can be disabled using the multi-write extended filename option: &multiwrite=false, in this case the output images will be written one by one. Note that multi-writing is not supported for MPI writers.


Latitude -lat float Mandatory
Latitude value of desired point.

Longitude -lon float Mandatory
Longitude value of desired point.

UTMZone -utm int
UTM Zone


From the command-line:

# Obtain a UTM Zone
otbcli_ObtainUTMZoneFromGeoPoint -lat 10.0 -lon 124.0

From Python:

# Obtain a UTM Zone
import otbApplication

app = otbApplication.Registry.CreateApplication("ObtainUTMZoneFromGeoPoint")

app.SetParameterFloat("lat", 10.0)
app.SetParameterFloat("lon", 124.0)