Perform P+XS pansharpening


This application performs P+XS pansharpening. Pansharpening is a process of merging high-resolution panchromatic and lower resolution multispectral imagery to create a single high-resolution color image. Algorithms available in the applications are: RCS, bayesian fusion and Local Mean and Variance Matching(LMVM).


Input PAN Image -inp image Mandatory
Input panchromatic image.
Input XS Image -inxs image Mandatory
Input XS image.

Output image -out image [dtype] Mandatory
Output image.

Algorithm -method [rcs|lmvm|bayes] Default value: rcs
Selection of the pan-sharpening method.

  • RCS
    Simple RCS Pan sharpening operation.
  • LMVM
    Local Mean and Variance Matching (LMVM) Pan sharpening.
  • Bayesian
    Bayesian fusion.

LMVM options

X radius -method.lmvm.radiusx int Default value: 3
Set the x radius of the sliding window.

Y radius -method.lmvm.radiusy int Default value: 3
Set the y radius of the sliding window.

Bayesian options

Weight -method.bayes.lambda float Default value: 0.9999
Set the weighting value.

S coefficient -method.bayes.s float Default value: 1
Set the S coefficient.

Available RAM (MB) -ram int Default value: 256
Available memory for processing (in MB).


From the command-line:

otbcli_Pansharpening -inp QB_Toulouse_Ortho_PAN.tif -inxs QB_Toulouse_Ortho_XS.tif -out Pansharpening.tif uint16

From Python:

import otbApplication

app = otbApplication.Registry.CreateApplication("Pansharpening")

app.SetParameterString("inp", "QB_Toulouse_Ortho_PAN.tif")
app.SetParameterString("inxs", "QB_Toulouse_Ortho_XS.tif")
app.SetParameterString("out", "Pansharpening.tif")
app.SetParameterOutputImagePixelType("out", 3)