VertexComponentAnalysis - Vertex Component Analysis

Given a set of mixed spectral vectors, estimatereference substances also known as endmembers using the VertexComponent Analysis algorithm.

Detailed description

Apply the Vertex Component Analysis [1] toan hyperspectral image to extract endmembers. Given a set of mixedspectral vectors (multispectral or hyperspectral), the applicationestimates the spectral signature of reference substances also knownas endmembers.


This section describes in details the parameters available for this application. Table [1] presents a summary of these parameters and the parameters keys to be used in command-line and programming languages. Application key is VertexComponentAnalysis .

[1]Table: Parameters table for Vertex Component Analysis.
Parameter Key Parameter Name Parameter Type
in Input Image Input image
ne Number of endmembers Int
outendm Output Endmembers Output image
rand set user defined seed Int
inxml Load otb application from xml file XML input parameters file
outxml Save otb application to xml file XML output parameters file
  • Input Image: Input hyperspectral data cube.
  • Number of endmembers: The number of endmembers to extract from the hyperspectral image.
  • Output Endmembers: Endmembers, stored in aone-line multi-spectral image.Each pixel corresponds to oneendmembers and each band values corresponds to the spectralsignature of the corresponding endmember.
  • set user defined seed: Set specific seed. with integer value.
  • Load otb application from xml file: Load otb application from xml file.
  • Save otb application to xml file: Save otb application to xml file.


To run this example in command-line, use the following:

otbcli_VertexComponentAnalysis -in cupriteSubHsi.tif -ne 5 -outendm VertexComponentAnalysis.tif double

To run this example from Python, use the following code snippet:


# Import the otb applications package
import otbApplication

# The following line creates an instance of the VertexComponentAnalysis application
VertexComponentAnalysis = otbApplication.Registry.CreateApplication("VertexComponentAnalysis")

# The following lines set all the application parameters:
VertexComponentAnalysis.SetParameterString("in", "cupriteSubHsi.tif")

VertexComponentAnalysis.SetParameterInt("ne", 5)

VertexComponentAnalysis.SetParameterString("outendm", "VertexComponentAnalysis.tif")
VertexComponentAnalysis.SetParameterOutputImagePixelType("outendm", 7)

# The following line execute the application




This application has been written by OTB-Team.

See Also

These additional resources can be useful for further information:
[1] J. M. P. Nascimento and J. M. B. Dias, Vertexcomponent analysis: a fast algorithm to unmix hyperspectral data,in IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. 43,no. 4, pp. 898-910, April 2005.J. M. P. Nascimento andJ. M. B. Dias, Vertex component analysis: a fast algorithm tounmix hyperspectral data, in IEEE Transactions on Geoscience andRemote Sensing, vol. 43, no. 4, pp. 898-910, April 2005.