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How to contribute?

Report a bug Report a bug: Found a bug? Please submit an issue to the OTB tracker Feature request Suggest new features: Do you need something that is not yet available in Orfeo ToolBox ? Please share it with us!
Contribute code Contribute code : We welcome all the contributions, from bug-fixes to whole new functionalities. To make it easier for you to contribute to OTB, we have created a mirror of the repository on GitHub. This allows you to “fork” the OTB repository and have your own local copy of the source code. Join the discussion on the otb-developers mailing list.

So that we can accept your contribution, you need to complete, sign and email to  cla@orfeo-toolbox.org an “Individual Contributor Licensing Agreement” (ICLA) form and  a “Corporate Contributor Licensing Agreement” (CCLA) form if you are contributing on behalf of your company or another entity which retains copyright for your contribution.

Help other users Help other users : By helping others to use OTB, you spread the word ! Join the otb-users mailing-list


Who is behind OTB?

CNES has initiated OTB in the frame of the ORFEO Program to promote the use of Pléiades and COSMO-SkyMed satellites images and will pursue its investment in the future to provide open-tools for future Earth observation missions.
Orfeo ToolBox is a member of the  Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). Within the ORFEO ToolBox community we act respectfully toward others in line with the OSGeo Code of Conduct.
Since 2006, CS Systemes d’Information is the main contractor of CNES for the development of the Orfeo ToolBox.


Organized by the local chapter OSGeo-fr, the FOSS4G-fr 2018 event will take place on the 15th up to the 17th of May, 2018 at the National School of Geographical Sciences, Marne-la-Vallée – Paris.

This 3rd edition will take place over 3 days : the first day is dedicated to workshops, then the 2 following days focus on presentations on wide and inspiring themes !

Save the date!

FOSS4G 2018 is the leading annual conference for free and open source geospatial software. It is the event for those interested in FOSS geospatial technologies and the community around them. This year the conference will be held in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.