Software Guide

OTB Software Guide is a comprehensive guide which comprises about 800 pages, detailing the steps to install OTB and describing many of the features of the library. Most of the classes available are heavily illustrated with results from real remote sensing processing. It is also available as an online html version.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) is also included in the software guide.


OTB CookBook : a guide for OTB-Applications and Monteverdi dedicated for non-developers. It is composed of a brief tour of of OTB-Applications and Monteverdi, followed by a set of recipes to perform remote sensing tasks with both tools. It is also available as PDF.

C++ API documentation

Doxygen generated documentation for the latest OTB Release. These pages contain extensive descriptions describing inheritance, methods, object collaboration.

Training material

We list here free training material for OTB. Please write to otb-users mailing-list if you want to have something added here.

CNES training course

Periodically, CNES organize workshops for new OTB users.You can find material and tutorials for past events:

ENSAT labwork

Mathieu Fauvel, an associate professor with the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (University of ToulouseINP ENSAT) is maintaining a set of labwork to teach how to use and extract information from remote sensing images for land management. It is based on OTB, QGIS, GDAL and Python :


Some presentations and tutorials are also available on SlideShare.