Remote modules & external projects

Here is a list of remote modules and other external projects developed by OTB users on top of the library. If you developed something on top of OTB which you would like to share with other OTB users, please contact us ! We will be glad to add your project here.

Remote modules

The ORFEO Toolbox was modularized in version 5.0 released in 2015. OTB modular architecture allows community members to build a customized OTB library or use it as a third party library in OTB applications. Remote modules are the preferred way if your contribution is about adding new classes or application to bring new features to OTB. This architecture is mostly inspired by ITK.

To start hacking your own remote module you can start by reading the wiki page here  and  fork this  template module.

Here is a list of existing modules shared by OTB users:

Other projects using OTB