FOSS4G-FR 2018: the cheese edition

In France we’re not only making cheese, we’re also organizing conferences about open geospatial technologies and open data!

Last week was the 2018 edition of the French FOSS4G, organized at ENSG in Marne La Vallée.

The first day was all about workshops (9 in total). With the OTB team having the chance to organize a session about “How to use OTB algorithms in Python”:

The conference was really interesting with a lot of diversity. Mass of stuff about what people are doing with open source geo, community building, lots of different applications…

All the presentations and workshops materials are freely available on the conference website.

The conference was also the occasion to discuss the future of the OSGeo French chapter and future initiative during an extraordinary general meeting:

Also a round table was also organized on Thursday where all conferences participants were able to discuss how we can better help the association.

I am sure that this constructive discussions will lead to new initiatives and support in the osgeo-fr association.

Thanks to Ivanne & Sidonie for the really nice food!

Thanks to the organization committee for their tremendous work

Oh and I forget to add that FOSS4G-FR was the occasion to recruit a prestigious new OSGeo charter member! Do you recognize him?

Finally, thanks you to everyone who made FOSS4G-FR 2018 possible and hope to see you in 2020 for the next edition!