Orfeo ToolBox 5.10 is out!

We are very happy to announce the new release of Orfeo ToolBox 5.10, codename Valentine! Besides 29 bugs fixed, we are introducing some exciting new features:

On the fly color mapping in Monteverdi with GLSL shaders

One of Orfeo ToolBox flagship application is Monteverdi, a hardware accelerated satellite image viewer that works with multiple geometries (including sensor!). In the upcoming version, OTB 5.10, we are adding a powerful new feature: live color mapping with GLSL shaders. What does that mean? You can now add colors to your single band raster images on the fly! Here’s an example:

Here I’ve applied the Color table (jet) shader effect to a 2m resolution DSM. On the left, the image is displayed as usual with a grayscale linear mapping. On the left, the same image is shown with the famous Jet colormap. To get the horizontal split effect, I used the Swipe (Horizontal) effect on the top layer.

Right now there are five colormaps available: jet, hot, cool, winter and summer. Each is also available as a local effect. Below you can see an example with Local lookup table (summer). The colored circle follows the mouse pointer. The locality of the effect also means contrast enhancement, which effectively improves interactive exploration of single band images in Monteverdi.

Easy migration from GUI to Bash with automatic command line

Have you ever used an OTB application from Monteverdi and wanted to move it to a script? Now it’s easier than ever! Whenever you use any OTB application from the GUI, there will be the equivalent command line for Bash displayed in the Logs tab. Here is an example with orthorectification:

Click on Execute and you will find the equivalent Bash command in the Logs tab, ready to copy & paste!

otbcli_OrthoRectification -io.in /home/poughov/cnes/dev/otb-data/Input/QB_TOULOUSE_MUL_Extract_500_500.tif -io.out /home/poughov/tmp/long/and_complicated/path with spaces/image_name.tif float -elev.dem /home/poughov/tmp/tp-classif/THEIA2016/Data/preprocessing/SRTM -elev.geoid /home/poughov/tmp/tp-classif/THEIA2016/Data/preprocessing/Geoid/egm96.grd -interpolator linear -opt.ram 128

Packaging Remote Modules

We are now packaging remote modules for binary distribution. Select packages compatible with our build system are now available for download via a “OTB-contrib” package that includes the standard OTB installation (Applications, Monteverdi, etc), plus remote module binaries.

And also

  • New application in OTB: DomainTransform for transforming images to the Fourier or Wavelet domain
  • A new system for making composite applications. We can now write applications that call other applications, improving code reuse. For example, the BundleToPerfectSensor application has been refactored to reuse the Superimpose and Pansharpening applications internally.
  • For a full list of changes, see the Release Notes.
Binary packages for 5.10 are available now for Linux, Mac OS and Windows! You can also checkout the source directly with git:
git clone https://git@git.orfeo-toolbox.org/git/otb.git OTB -b release-5.10
We welcome your feedback and request, and encourage you to join the OTB community and mailing list. If you think you face a bug, please report it on Mantis.

Happy remote sensing!