Coming next in January : OTB 3.16

The next release of the ORFEO ToolBox will happen in late january. We will take advantage of this few weeks to polish this new version which will contain a lot of new exciting functionalities!

Major changes in this release will be:

  • A new set of Feature extraction applications (morphological operations, edge extraction, Haralick textures, SFS textures, local statistics extraction and radiometric indices),
  • A new set of applications for multi-images residual registration. It allows to compute key points matching (SIFT, SURF) between 2 images and estimate residual transformation to sensor mode geometry so as to perform accurate image/image registration
  • The support of extended image filenames in reading and writing operations. This will allow to access gdal driver options, manage Ortho- ready (or GIS-ready) products, use external sensor metadata, access sub-datasets or resolutions …

Other nice features are :

  • An application to generate a RPC sensor model geom file from GCPs,
  • An application to fuse multiple classification results by majority voting,
  • The LMVM pan-sharpening method (kindly contributed by Angelos Tzotsos),
  • A segmentation algorithm based on multiscale morphological structures classification, available in the Segmentation application.

Please also note that sensor modelling has been completely refactored (backward-compatible), as well as elevation source management (old interface still there, but deprecated). You can expect better accuracy for all your sensor-model and elevation based operations !

A first release candidate will be out mid-January to test all this awesome new features.

Happy end of the world!


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