Fine registration

In preparation for release 2.8, we have developed an application which allows to perform fine registration of images. The application, which can already be downloaded from the mercurial repository, takes a pair of single band images with similar geometry. They are displayed using a color composition (R=fixed, G=moving, B=resampled moving) as shown in the following image.

Of course, before the registration starts, the resampled moving image is identical to the moving one. Using the widgets on the lower right part of the GUI, the user can tune the parameters for the disparity map estimation. Using the Run button, the disparity map estimation is triggered on the displayed area only. This way, the optimum set of parameters can be found by try and error.

Once the disparity map is estimated, it is displayed on the lower left part of the GUI. A color composition is used as follows: R= horizontal disparity, G= vertical disparity, B=modulus of the deformation field.

The different components of the color composition can be checked or unchecked at will. Also, on the upper part of the GUI, the resampled moving image (the result of the registration using the estimated disparity map) will be displayed on the blue channel.

Once the user is satisfied with the results obtained on the displayed area, she can choose to apply the registration on the whole image. This is done by selecting to save the registered image and/or the disparity map (File menu).

We have chosen to use a disparity map estimation based on normalized correlation, but other choices are available given the fact that many disparity map estimation filters (using PDEs) are available in OTB.

The application still needs some minor tweaks before it is released, but interested users can start playing with it and giving some feedback.

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