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The OTB team is currently working on a new Continuous Integration system. It will provide a better feedback to OTB contributors and developers, similar to what is proposed by the Github / Travis-CI combo.

The current testing platform used by OTB is made of CTest scripts that run on half a dozen servers. It is a custom solution that has been refined over the years to validate OTB source code, but it has also become difficult to maintain.

In the past few years, several solutions and services have emerged to provide efficient Continuous Integration frameworks. As the OTB repository is hosted on a Gitlab instance, the Gitlab-CI framework has been selected to implement the new CI. While the development is not finished yet (check here), there are some nice features to come, such as:

  • Linux builds inside Docker containers
  • Autoscaling of runners with Gitlab docker machine executor
  • Automatic production of Docker images with Kaniko
  • Custom pipelines for Merge Requests
  • Automatic production of documentation and packages
  • Build and test of Remote Modules

We hope this new CI framework will make the contribution process easier. It will be available to all contributors. More details to come …

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