Orfeo ToolBox 5.0 Release Candidate 1 is ready for testing!

Dear all,

We are very happy to announce that after months of hardwork including moving around thousands of files and rewriting completely the cmake build scripts, Orfeo ToolBox 5.0 Release Candidate 1 is ready for testing! This also includes a minor release candidate for Monteverdi2 (0.8.1), which now has a standalone applications launcher and benefits from the improvements made to Orfeo ToolBox.

You can download source tarballs for OTB and Monteverdi2 sources and binary installers (for Monteverdi2 and Mapla, the standalone applications laucher) here:


You can also obtain the OTB source code using Mercurial:

 hg clone http://hg.orfeo-toolbox.org/OTB
 cd OTB
 hg update -r 5.0.0-rc1

Please test the release candidate and share your experiences on the mailing list and Mantis to help identify issues.

You can also submit experimental build to the dashboard with:

ctest -D Experimental

Congratulations and well done to everyone that contributed to this major release.

The final release is expected by the end of next week, if no showstopper is raised.


Julien, for OTB dev team

OTB-v.5.0.0 - Changes since version 4.4.0 (2015/02/13)

* Library:
  * Modularization
     * Code is now better organized in groups/modules/classes
     * ITK CMake architecture to handle module and dependencies is used
     * Modules can be deactivated at will with dependencies tracking
     * Third parties software are handled as module and can be deactivated
     * Tests and applications are embedded in modules
     * Writing of new module or update of existing modules is simplified by cmake magic

  * Remove deprecated code
     * MeanShiftVectorImageFilter  and MeanShiftImageFilter classes
     * CommandLineLauncher(const char * exp) and Load( const std::string & exp ) methods in CommandLineLauncher class

  * ThirdParties
   * No more internal versions of most third parties (except 6S, siftfast, ossimplugins)
   * Removed openjpeg sources from OTB source
   * Removed LibSVM sources from OTB source
   * Removed Edison sources from OTB source
   * Removed ConfigFile sources from OTB source
   * Removed LibKML sources from OTB source
   * Add support for external openjpeg 2.1
   * Third parties copyrights have been cleaned

 * Superbuild
   * A separate superbuild project has been added in the Superbuild repository
   * It allows to build all OTB dependencies from source, and then OTB (thus replaces the removed internal versions)
   * Sources are checked out at configuration time or can be downloaded beforehand
   * Allow to build a complete OTB with a handful of prerequisites (gcc, cmake, curl)

 * Doxygen
   * Classes are now organized by modules

 * Bug fixed:

   * Monteverdi2
     * 0001033: Crash when updating no data value in mv2

   * Documentation
     * 0001028: URL for online application documentation is not available anymore on the orfeo website

   * OTB-lib
     * 0001039: ITK patches are not always used
     * 0001045: StreamingStatisticsMapFromLabelImageFilter can't be templated with otb::Image as support image
     * 0001023: malloc error in otb::SVMModel destructor
     * 0001041: Optimization of Band Math Image Filter (from 60M cycles to 40M cycles)
     * 0001040: Optimization of Concatenate VectorImage Filter (from 28M cycles to 8M cycles)
     * 0001043: Optimization of Multi to Mono Channel Extract ROI (from 8M cycles to 3M cycles)
     * 0001011: Need safeguards to test for ExtendedFilename parameters

   * OTB-Packaging
     * 0001027: [ubuntugis package] OTB Applications in Ubuntu package do not use custom version of ITK UnaryFunctorImageFilter
     * 0001010: OTB MXE binary package is buggy

   * Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)
     * 0001047: Convolution test needs ITK with USE_FFTD
     * 0001038: Superbuild configuration fails on Debian Jessie
     * 0001024: QtWidgetStringListParameter is buggy
     * 0001026: In command line application launcher, image path and filename can not contain "--"
     * 0001044: OTB Windows 64bit -error cast from 'const short unsigned int*' to 'long unsigned int
     * 0001025: QtWidgetListViewParameter gets reset when changing another parameter in applications
     * 0001014: OTB does not compile with ITK 4.8

   * OTB-applications
     * 0001032: otbgui_RadiometricIndices output image without spatial reference system EPSG code
     * 0001037: file and vector outputs need explicit relative paths

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  1. Hi,
    It is true that source tarballs link are no longer available from the download page. I updated the page.

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