Orfeo ToolBox minor release 5.10.1

We are pleased to announce a minor release 5.10.1 !

This release contains several patches to fix a few bugs. It is also the occasion to upgrade the GDAL version used in our binary packages: GDAL version 2.1.3, compatible with the new Sentinel 2 product format.

Release notes

Packaging :

  • Upgrade to GDAL 2.1.3, compatible with new format of Sentinel 2 products
  • Upgrade of SertitObject external module with bugfixes

Bugfixes :

  • 0001364: Crash of Mapla.app v5.10.0 on MacOSX El Captain 10.11.5
  • 0001365: Python wrapper OTB-5.8.0: @rpath problem on MacOSX El Captain 10.11
  • 0001367: Monteverdi from the OTB standalone package for Mac OS X fails to run
  • 0001366: OTB 5.10 : can’t use extract ROI using bindings python

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