Orfeo Toolbox selected for ESA SOCIS

Inspired by the Google initiative and their GSoC, ESA has launched their Summer of Code in Space.

The idea is more or less the same as for the GSoC : ESA selects open source projects as mentoring organizations, and propose to pay students a very decent amount of money to work on those open source projects during a few months in the summer.

Students have the opportunity to work on fun projects during the summer, and in the end they can add an interesting experience to their resume.

The list of mentoring organizations selected by ESA can be seen here. As you can see, Orfeo Toolbox is selected for this pilot year !

An ideas list for this program has been compiled here, so students can start applying by picking up ideas from there. Of course, any other project which improves the library will be welcome, as long as we have the opportunity to discuss it before the application.

This year being a pilot year, the schedule is very tight, and students must apply before the 27th of July.

Students : we are looking forward to hearing from you soon !



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