Orfeo Toolbox workshop at INRA Bordeaux


Last week the team behind Orfeo Toolbox held a workshop for new OTB users at INRA in Bordeaux. 25 participants attended the workshop taught by Victor, Guillaume and Julien. The program was:

  • Introduction to Orfeo Toolbox and Monteverdi
  • Preprocessing of high resolution imagery (Pléiades)
  • Supervised classification of Landsat 8 time series
  • SAR processing with Sentinel 1 images

The workshop material (in French) is available here (with sources located in the OTB-Documents repository). The workshop is composed of a set of presentations followed by exercises which allow to learn how to use OTB applications.

Overall the workshop went very well and was a great opportunity to teach new users about image processing of satellite images, and of course to find new bugs.

There will be more OTB workshops this year. To be updated on future events remember to subscribe to the otb-users mailing list.


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