OTB 3.14 and Monteverdi 1.12 Released

We are very happy (indeed) to announce that the OTB 3.14.0, codename “Happy” !

We would like to thanks all the users for their great feedback after the Release Candidate announcement : thanks to their work, 16 more bugs have been spotted and fixed between the Release Candidate announcement and today.

Sources (OTB, Monteverdi, OTB-Wrapping) and binary packages (Monteverdi for Mac OS X and Windows) can be downloaded here. For Linux users, new version will be soon is available for update through your favorite package manager software.

Some of the major changes in this release are:

  • Full support of Pléiades imagery: reading and uncompressing, RPC sensor modeling and radiometric calibration for both Dimap v2 (official) and Dimap v1 format, stitching of multiple-tiles products through Monteverdi … Read this cookbook chapter for more details.
  • A new set of classes based on GDAL/OGR to handle large vector datasets efficiently, and to perform exact conversion between the two common data representations in the OBIA paradigm, i.e. labeled raster and vector datasets,
  • A complete framework to perform segmentation (using various set of segmentation algorithms including : Connected Component, Watershed, or a new homemade version of MeanShift algorithm) of very large images and export results to your favourite GIS software (see this post for more details)
  • An extended suite of filters and associated applications to go from raw stereo pairs all the way to a real cartographic Digital Elevation Model (see this cookbook chapter): resampling of the image pairs into epipolar geometry, pixel-wise block matching, sub-pixel interpolation, projection to a DEM …

There are a lot more new things coming with this release! For more information, please read the complete release note available here.

Remember, there is an extensive set of applications available with OTB! Read more on how to use them here or have look at the reference documentation here.

We welcome your feedback, and encourage you to join the community and mailing list.

Happy release!


5 thoughts on “OTB 3.14 and Monteverdi 1.12 Released

  1. The problem with otb/monteverdi crashing while opening geotif files in Ubuntu 12.04 remains unsolved in otb 3.14 provided by ppa:orfeotoolbox-stable. This is because of a documented issue of gdal/geotif, but for some time the solution was provided by ppa:orfeotoolbox-nightly (worked for me after upgrading gdal from that repo). Now, after the stable otb 3.14 was released, and I re-installed otb/monteverdi from the stable ppa, the crashes renewed (both with gdal versions provided by ppa:ubuntugis-unstable and ppa:otfeotoolbeox-nightly). Right now the last hope is ppa:orfeotoolbox-stable-ubuntugis, but it remains empty (for those using ppa:ubuntugis-unstable, like me). So, at a moment otb 3.14 seems to be incompatible with the recent GIS software under Ubuntu 12.04.

  2. Dear Manuel,

    My first attempt to make OTB work on Ubuntu 12.04 was actually compiling it from source. I did this before on earlier Ubuntu and OTB versions, and in most cases the compiled OTB worked fine. However, this time after (successfully) compiling OTB, apps and Monteverdi, I immediately got this problem of crashing with GTiff files. After some reading it became obvious that the problem lies in gdal/libgeotiff. I need OTB for a production environment on several workstations, so ppa-based approach seems to be more practical, no mater how long it will take to have a working solution. I can only confirm that the “homemade” gdal provided by ppa:orfeotoolbox-nightly last week was working well with OTB 3.14 and didn’t cause any problems to QGIS 1.8 and GRASS 6.4.2 from ppa:ubuntugis-unstable. I hope we will have the same working solution of ppa:orfeotoolbox-ubuntugis-unstable in near future. Good luck, and thanx for your nice work 🙂

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