OTB 3.16 is out!

We are very happy to announce the release of OTB 3.16, codename “v(n+1) = sqrt((v(n)-3)*100)” !

This new release includes no less than 13 new ready-to-use applications, ranging from geometry refinement to push&play stereo framework, through classification maps regularization and fusion. There are also a great deal of major improvements in the core library (as listed in the release note). Detailed informations about these major changes can also be found in this post.

Thanks again to all the contributors for the great work and to all the users for their feedbacks.

As usual, sources (OTB, Monteverdi, OTB-Wrapping) and binary packages (Monteverdi for Mac OS X and Windows) can be downloaded here. For Linux users, new version will be soon available for update through your favorite package manager software (note that the the OTB-Wrapping project is only supported on Linux system with GCC version < 4.7 and do not compile successfully with clang, thus cannot be used on recent MacOSX version).

We welcome your feedback and request, and encourage you to join the community and mailing list.

Let’s move now to OTBv4!

OTB 3.16 is most probably the last OTB major release based on ITKv3. The next major version will be compatible with the new ITKv4 and will bring lots of new exciting functionalities to the library. You can already find information about this process here. As this new version will bring major changes on most part of the library we need more than ever your feedback, request and contribution to the project.

We will come back soon with news regarding this “Révolution tranquille”.

OTB Dev Team

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