OTB 3.4 and Monteverdi 1.2 are now available

We are happy to announce a new OTB release. This is version 3.4, code name Perl A Rebours. Simultaneously, we are releasing a new release of Monteverdi and the first stable version of the OTB-Wrapping project wich allows to use OTB classes
with other languages (Java and Python for now).

These are the new main add-ons to the library:

  • Produce hill shade image from DEM (HillShadingFilter)
  • Compute point set density function (gaussian, epanechnikov)
  • Extract a subset from a point set (PointSetExtractROI)
  • Apply a transform to a point set (TransformPointSetFilter)
  • Generate a random point set (RandomPointSetSource)
  • Compute confusion matrix (ConfusionMatrixCalculator)
  • Generate a list of samples from a vector data (ListSampleGenerator)
  • Compute the ground spacing (GroundSpacingImageFunction)
  • Read 6S spectral sensitivity files (SpectralSensitivityReader)
  • Improvement in computation of Haralick Texture coefficients (ScalarImageToTexturesFilter, ScalarImageToAdvancedTexturesFilter)

Monteverdi application includes new  modules for region of Interest extraction, export image to Google Earth and a new module to perform supervised classification (Experimental).

Monteverdi can be considered ad the successor of the OTB-Applications package, but since some of the legacy applications are not yet integrated in Monteverdi, we are also shipping a 3.4 version of the applications. Moreover OTB-Applications provide also useful command line tools (otbConvert, otbConcatenateImage, otbSplitImage,otbExtractROI, otbConvertSensorToGeoPoint…)

For MS-Windows users (XP/Vista/Seven) there are binary auto-install packages for both Monteverdi and OTB-Applications.

The OTB Software Guide has also been updated and is now 702 pages long.

As usual, you can download the source code and the binary packages from Source Forge. Follow this link for OTB and this link for Monteverdi.

Don’t forget for those who will be attending IGARSS 2010 (July 25-30 in Honolulu) may be interested in the following tutorial:

“HD-2: Pragmatic Remote Sensing: A Hands-on Approach to Processing”

It will be given on Sunday, July 25, 08:30 – 12:30 and will present in detail the different steps of a general remote sensing image processing chain. Monteverdi will be used for the work.

2 thoughts on “OTB 3.4 and Monteverdi 1.2 are now available

  1. I really like Monteverdi. I was wondering why some of the Mean Shift Clustering “polygons” have squared off edges after export. When you are looking at the Mean Shift Clustering results in the tool, the clustering does not have these straight edges. Is there a better place to ask questions?


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