OTB release 8.1.0

Dear OTB community,

We are happy to announce that OTB version 8.1.0 has been released!

Ready to use binary packages are available on the package page of the website:

You can also use the official docker image

It is also possible to checkout the branch with git:

git clone https://gitlab.orfeo-toolbox.org/orfeotoolbox/otb.git OTB -b release-8.1

The documentation for OTB 8.1.0 can be found here .

  • This minor version brings multiple corrections to the Metadata framework, in particular with Pleiades products. It also comes with an improvement to the DEM Handler that won’t read multiple time the same directory. This new behavior is described in the documentation. The NewFunctorFilter now has a default value for the radius. And with this release, PyOTB can finally unleash all it’s power.
  • The release also fixes a behavior of Superimpose application, which writes RPC on final products if the initial product is not orthorectified, it also includes some documentation improvements and dead code removal.
  • Note about known issues : Some PHR products metadata are missing when using the DIMAP driver leading to some errors when trying to orthorectify the product, see the RELEASE_NOTES for more details

The full changelog can be accessed here . We welcome your feedback and requests on OTB’s GitLab and if you find a bug, please report it !

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