OTB Users Day 2018 – Recap

The OTB team is proud to have hosted the fourth edition of OTB User Days! Thank you to everyone who attended, what a successful workshop! This yearly in-person meeting of the OTB community is open to everyone. This year we were hosted by Agropolis in Montepellier, France. About 70 people attended from many different countries! The event took place after the successful Theia 2018 workshop.

Thanks again to our sponsors CNES and IRSTEA for organizing the event.

Plenary talks


Introduction to OTB User Day 2018
(Rémi Cresson – IRSTEA)

What’s new in OTB ? Who is behind OTB? How to participate?
(Manuel Grizonnet – CNES)

Testing OTB’s Segmentation methods
(Agustin Lobo – ICTJA-CSIC)

Automatic segmentation of Loire habitats
(Martin Hilaire – IRSTEA)

Deforestation map in French Guyana, using Sentinel-1 and OTB through QGIS scripts
(Cedric Lardeux – ONFI)

ZOO-Project: the way to use OTB applications as WPS services
(Gérald Fenoy – Geolabs)

OTB Classification Confidence Map and Thematic Use on Land Change Characterization
(Amélie Lombard – CEREMA)

Classification of tree species from MODIS temporal series
(Jean-Philippe Denux, DYNAFOR)

Differential SAR Interferometry in OTB
(Gaëlle Usseglio – THALES SERVICES)

GeoStorm on EO IPT Poland: a private initiative to provide EO adding value data in a geospatial platform
(Mickael Savinaud – CS)



In the afternoon we held three workshops, for a total of about 60 participants:

  • Install party and introduction to OTB applications and Monteverdi
  • Using OTB from Python
  • Deep learning with OTB and TensorFlow using OTBTF

You can find the full material including solutions in the following links:

QGIS plugin

We met a lot of users very familiar with QGIS, checkout the full documentation of the new plugin for integration with QGIS 3+.

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