Release of OTB 3.6 and Monteverdi 1.4 and new otb-developers mailing list

We are happy to announce a new OTB release. This is version 3.6, code name ” California Dreamin’ “.

Simultaneously, we are releasing the new stable version of Monteverdi, the all-in one user-friendly graphical tool for remote sensing image processing and also a new release of OTB-Applications and OTB-Wrapping projects.

There are lots of exciting new features in this release!

These are the new main add-ons to the library:

  • Add filter to perform arbitrary mathematical operation on image bands (BandMathImageFilter)
  • Add class to parse mathematical expression (Parser)Add interpolation function (BCOInterpolateImageFunction)
  • Add filter to compute the intensity of a complex image (ComplexToIntensityImageFilter)
  • Add filter to compare two big images (StreamingCompareImageFilter)
  • Add filters to compute extrema of big images (StreamingMinMaxImageFilter and StreamingMinMaxVectorImageFilter)
  • Add filter to perform fine registration between images (FineRegistrationImageFilter)
  • Add filter for higher order texture computation (ScalarImageToHigherOrderTexturesFilter and MaskedScalarImageToGreyLevelRunLengthMatrixGenerator)
  • Removal of the old textures:
  • Add support for Worldview2 data
  • Add margin sampler for SVM (SVMMarginSampler)
  • Add generic resample filter that reproject in any arbitrary projection: cartographic, sensor model (GenericRSResampleImageFilter)
  • Add class to produce a RPC model from a physical model (PhysicalToRPCSensorModelImageFilter)
  • Add classes related to SAR calibration (SarParametricMapFunction, SarRadiometricCalibrationFunction, SarRadiometricCalibrationFunctor, SarRadiometricCalibrationToImageFilter)
  • Add an action handler for the visualization enabling dragging (DragFullWindowActionHandler)

To the system:

  • Internal ITK updated to 3.20.0 + OTB Patches
  • Internal OSSIM and ossim plugins updated to svn revision 18162 + OTB patches (almost none left)
  • Enable the use of an external build of libLAS
  • Support compilation on MSVC 2010 and Windows Seven
  • Better handling of FLTK configuration
  • Support compilation of Monteverdi on linux 32 bits systems with official FLTK package
  • Lots of coverage improvements

The Monteverdi application includes new modules:

  • New Vectorization module: creates vector data (polygons, lines and points) from image
  • New BandMath module: mathematical operation on image bands
  • New SpectralViewer module: designed to display hyperspectral images. also computes spectral angle
  • New ObjectLabeling module: object based image analysis module, with SVM classification based on object features
  • New Fine Correlation module

The OTB-Applications package provide new useful command line tools:

  • otbFastOrthoRectif: fast orthorectification based on grid subsampling
  • otbActiveLearning: architecture to enable active learning application (put your own algorithms in the middle)
  • otbCompareImages: image comparison (PSNR, RMSE…)
  • otbFineRegistration: perform displacement estimation using the standard correlation metric between 2 images

A new release of the OTB-Wrapping project which allows to use OTB classes with other languages (Java and Python for now).

The complete list of new main add-ons is available here.

For MS-Windows users (XP/Vista/Seven) there are binary auto-install packages for both Monteverdi and OTB-Applications.

The OTB Software Guide has also been updated and is now 702 pages long.

As usual, you can download the source code and the binary packages from Source Forge. Follow this link for OTB and this link for Monteverdi.

Finally, we announce the opening of a new public English-speaking mailing list intended for OTB developers. All discussions related to the development activities, dashboard housekeeping, features to integrate and software architecture will now be held there. Please feel free to subscribe to the otb-developers mailing list and get involve into developing the Orfeo ToolBox!

4 thoughts on “Release of OTB 3.6 and Monteverdi 1.4 and new otb-developers mailing list

  1. I’ve got a problem with HelloWorldOTB tutorial.
    And I’ve added to the PATH variable environment the directory where all the dlls are.
    when I try to open HelloWorldOTB.exe,it says:
    “This application has failed to start because ippj-5.3.dll was not
    Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

    What is the reason?

  2. Hello all, I am newbie I installed otb-toolbox and monteverdi, they both works fine. My question is: How do I access otb-toolbox from monteverdi interfase.
    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi Giovanny,

    I’m not sure to understand well your question. OTB is a C++ library which gives access to a wide variety of image processing algorithms. Monteverdi is a front end application (with GUI) which offers through a modular architecture, an access to some of OTB filters and takes advantage of streaming and multi-threading capabilities of the Orfeo Toolbox. If you’re interested to a specific treatments, do not hesitate to ask questions to the otb-users public mailing list (it’s a google group).


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