Roll over Monteverdi

We are very happy to announce the release of Monteverdi, the integrated application for interactive OTB processing chain generation. A more detailed version of what Monteverdi is can be found here. We are releasing Monteverdi in an early state (it is a beta version), but we had at least 2 reasons to do so:

  1. We want to have feedback from the users as soon as possible
  2. Christmas is next week

In order for you to give it a try easily we have generated a Windows binary package which can be downloaded from Source Forge. You can also get the source code by going to our Mercurial repository. You will need an up to date OTB source code for Monteverdi to compile (get it from the OTB repository). The exact changesets are these:

Although Chuck Berry did not mention Claudio Monteverdi in his song, he should have done it: Monteverdi rocks!

2 thoughts on “Roll over Monteverdi

  1. Is there a way to vectorize Mean Shift Clustering result.

    Can Monteverdi hand 20000 x 20000 pixel with 7-20 band images?



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