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Dear all,

Back in 2006, Orfeo ToolBox was a newborn project, barely able to read its input data by itself. Then came the childhood period, a time of continuous growth, longing to discover new algorithms, data and sensors. Like every teenager, Orfeo ToolBox then hanged out with its open-source friends and experienced new things, thinking parents will never find out. Now, as an adult open-source software, Orfeo ToolBox got its drivingsteering licence.

With the impulse of CNES and the demand of the OSGeo Incubation Process, we are very happy to announce that Orfeo ToolBox now has an official and open steering committee. Details on scope and organization can be found here, and a summary is given hereafter. It is important to note that the PSC is not a legal entity, and has no funding of its own. It aims at providing high level guidance and coordination for the Orfeo ToolBox, on the following purposes:

  • Roadmaps,
  • Communication,
  • Users support and documentation,
  • Contributions management,
  • Releases planning,
  • Legal issues.

Project Steering Committee members can be assigned specific roles corresponding to those purposes, in which case they will coordinate related actions on a best effort basis.

Project Steering Committee decisions are submitted to vote on the otb-developers list, and everyone is invited to share their opinions, though ultimately only Project Steering Committtee members get to vote (wisely).

Project Steering Committee is open to new members whishing to contribute to the project effort. Members election follows the same vote-based decision making process. Candidates should demonstrate a “substantial and ongoing involvement in OTB” (which does not necessarily implies writing code).

It is important for candidates to note that the Project Steering Committee is not just a place to make decisions (in fact, people really making decisions are people writing code, or documentation, or replying to questions on lists), it is a place to do things. An active membership will consume time and efforts.

As a bootstrap of the PSC, CNES nominated 3 persons deeply involved in OTB as initial PSC members. They are responsible for defining PSC rules and establishing a fully functioning PSC. In the next few months, the PSC will progressively start working on its different assignements.

With all our hopes of success for Orfeo ToolBox,

Julien, on behalf of the Orfeo ToolBox Project Steering Committee

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