Communicating: adding web 2.0 and pre-web for OTB users

Recently, after requests from some users of OTB, we added an IRC channel to the way we can communicate: welcome back to the pre-web era. This has been very efficient over last week and enabled significant progress to be made on the Qgis plugin (see here). You can join on channel #otb. It is also available through a web interface at

More Web 2.0 and following the current buzzword, OTB is also on twitter as @orfeotoolbox (or through the web at The idea here is to help developers get familiar with the main classes of OTB and to feature the most important classes one at a time (the objective is one class every 2-3 days). We know that the number of classes is a bit overwhelming and intimidating so that’s a way to start slowly and find out the most important ones.