The new OTB Live DVD 3.4 is out!

The new OTB live DVD is out! On the program is the brand new OTB 3.4 (which came out 2 weeks ago) with the last Xubuntu 10.4.

It’s just as usual: download it from, burn it on a DVD, put it on a computer and restart (or launch directly  the iso file in a virtual host application like VirtualBox for example). A DVD is now required to contain the OTB library and all the associated projects (Monteverdi and OTB-Wrapping).

This is the screen you should get:

To help you get started with OTB, follow the guide on the help page:

OTB live CD, help page
OTB live DVD, help page

You can also try the Monteverdi application or numerous OTB-applications directly out of the box:

OTB live DVD, example of the Monteverdi application Viewer module

You can also use the OTB-Python binding which are available through the OTB-Wrapping project. Just open a terminal and run the command python.

You can find detailed examples of OTB Python source code in the Software Guide or have a look to a previous post which put the emphasize on the powerfulness of the combination of OTB Python bindings and other open source Python project like PyLab. All these examples are ready to use in the last OTB Live DVD.

We hope that the new version is adapted as much as possible and will suit your requirements. Don’t hesitate if you’ve got suggestions or contributions about the project.

Give it a try!