OTB 5.6 is out!

Dear all,

We are very happy to announce the new release of Orfeo ToolBox 5.6 and Monteverdi 3.4 codename Scincinae with a lot of exciting new features!

On the OTB side, one can find in particular:

  • MPI bridge to use OTB on HPC
  • New sampling framework for machine learning with new filters and applications
  • Support for geometric ortho-rectification to SAR Sensor for Sentinel-1

The complete list of RFC merged in release 5.6:

On the Monteverdi side, here is what is new:

Source and binary packages can be downloaded from Orfeo ToolBox website or directly from the git repository. Standalone binary packages for Mac, Windows and Linux are right now available for download.

We welcome your feedback and request, and encourage you to join the OTB community and mailing list. If you think you face a bug, please report it on Mantis: https://bugs.orfeo-toolbox.org.

Cheers to everyone who contributed to this release. Hope to see you at FOSS4G in Bonn at the end of August!

OTB Dev Team