Fusion of an image made of several tile files.


Automatically mosaic a set of non overlapping tile files into a single image. Images must have a matching number of bands and they must be listed in lexicographic order.


Input Tile Images -il image1 image2... Mandatory
Input images to concatenate (in lexicographic order, for instance: (0,0) (1,0) (0,1) (1,1)).

Number of tile columns -cols int Mandatory
Number of columns in the tile array

Number of tile rows -rows int Mandatory
Number of rows in the tile array

Output Image -out image [dtype] Mandatory
Output entire image


From the command-line:

otbcli_TileFusion -il Scene_R1C1.tif Scene_R1C2.tif Scene_R2C1.tif Scene_R2C2.tif -cols 2 -rows 2 -out EntireImage.tif

From Python:

import otbApplication

app = otbApplication.Registry.CreateApplication("TileFusion")

app.SetParameterStringList("il", ['Scene_R1C1.tif', 'Scene_R1C2.tif', 'Scene_R2C1.tif', 'Scene_R2C2.tif'])
app.SetParameterInt("cols", 2)
app.SetParameterInt("rows", 2)
app.SetParameterString("out", "EntireImage.tif")