OTB 3.2 and Monteverdi 1.0 are available

We are happy to announce a new OTB release. This is version 3.2, code name 62°38′35″S 60°14′31″W. Simultaneously, we are releasing the first stable version of Monteverdi, the all-in one user-friendly graphical tool for remote sensing image processing.

This Monteverdi version includes modules for image ortho-rectification, registration, radiometric calibration, supervised and unsupervised classification, segmentation, filtering, feature extraction and change detection.

These are the new main add-ons to the library:

  • Support for TerraSarX, Quickbird and Spot5 radiometric calibration
  • Support for Aeronet files
  • Various filters for Object Based Image Analysis based on LabelObjectMaps
  • Support for RPC sensor model estimation from a set of Ground Control Points
  • Support for SVM cross-validation and parameters optimization
  • Box and Whisker filter to detect outliers on VectorImages
  • Enhanced SOM algorithm taking into account invalid or missing values
  • Experimental Wavelet transform classes
  • Filters for GIS database interaction (postgis database)
  • Support for  a variety of vector file formats (based on GDAL/OGR)
  • Use of a configuration file to change some parameters without recompiling
  • Experimental support for internationalization

Monteverdi can be considered ad the successor of the OTB-Applications package, but since some of the legacy applications are not yet integrated in Monteverdi, we are also shipping a 3.2 version of the applications. For MS-Windows users (XP/Vista/Seven) there are binary auto-install packages for both Monteverdi and OTB-Applications.

The OTB Software Guide has also been updated and is now 704 pages long.

As usual, you can download the source code and the binary packages from Source Forge. Follow this link for OTB and this link for Monteverdi.