Monteverdi Screencasts

Since the release of Monteverdi (front end application which provides interactive access to OTB functions), there are lots of requests for documentation or tutorials on modules available, how the application can respond to specific problems, etc. Concerning the OTB library, there is a comprehensive guide which comprises about 700 pages (html and pdf), detailing the steps to install OTB and use it but the same document for Monteverdi does not exist for now (you can imagine the effort required to assemble such a guide!).

As a consequence, the OTB Dev Team provides now materials which will demonstrate the software features in an interactive and didactic way.

Firstly, we now make available the slides used during  technical courses which give a complete overview of Monteverdi throught a tutorial which details available components.

Furthermore, the OTB Dev Team provides also screencasts which detail the way to construct interactive OTB process in the application.

Monteverdi provides a complete and operational environment to build interactively your own processes. This application takes transparently advantage of streaming and multi threading capacibilities of the Orfeo Toolbox pipeline. These tutorials will guide users to get a quick and operationnal description of the OTB/Monteverdi architecture and demonstrations of functionalities available for now.

These are first version of screencasts, lot’s of thing could be improve (for example, for now only the french version of the tutorials are available). Do not hesitate to give us feedbacks about them.

You can find direct link to OTB/Monteverdi slides.

You can find more details about the Monteverdi application and direct links to the Monteverdi screencasts.

And stay tuned on the Orfeo Toolbox Channel!

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