OTB 2.6 “Halloween release” available

So that’s it. OTB 2.6 is ready for you to download. Actually, we should talk about OTB-Applications rather than about the library itself. Indeed, the new features added to OTB are only there to support the new applications.

As usual, you can go to the sourceforge download site to get the packages.

In this release, we have added some very interesting, useable software:

  1. Land cover map production (Pléiades, QB, Ikonos, SPOT5)
  2. Feature extraction application
  3. 3D & stereo anaglyh viewer
  4. Object segmentation application
  5. Polarimetric synthesis application

Added to this, some other features are now available for all the applications:

  1. KML conversion (display & share on Google Earth)
  2. MegaWave image format

Also, some basic blocks have been added to the library:

  1. Kullback Leibler supervised change detection
  2. Gabor filters implementation
  3. Optimized convolution using FFT
  4. NCC and MI registration filters for diparity map estimation

The software guide has been updated and can be downloaded here. Remember not to print it, please.

Have fun with OTB!

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