Release Candidates for 2.6

We are working on the final issues before the new release (bug corrections, thorough testing, etc.).

I have just tagged the revision which was tested over the week end as “Release Candidate 1”.

Anybody can now test this revision and give us some feedback before the release (scheduled at the end of the week).

You can check the sources out using mercurial:

hg clone -r 2.6-RC-1

hg clone -r 2.6-RC-1

Or get the zip/tar balls. Just go to this page for the library and to this one for the applications and select the type of file (zip, tar.gz, tar.bz2) you want to download.

You can also download the data for the tests here (hg clone or get one of the compressed file).

Once you have the source code and the data, you can run the tests and send us the test reports. Here is how to proceed for both the library and the applications:

  1. Configure (cmake) with BUILD_TESTING=ON and OTB_DATA_USE_LARGEINPUT=OFF
  2. Set the OTB_DATA_ROOT to the path where your OTB-Data resides.
  3. Compile as usual
  4. Go to the directory where your build is (OTB-Binary or OTB if you built inside the sources) and run ctest.

When running ctest you should get someting like this:

inglada[11:48-lun 27] stok/builds/OTB-Appli-Bin>ctest
Start processing tests
Test project /usr/local/stok/builds/OTB-Appli-Bin
1/ 70 Testing cdICDHelp Passed
2/ 70 Testing cdICDWithoutImagesTest Passed
3/ 70 Testing cdICDWithLefImageTest Passed
4/ 70 Testing cdICDWithRightImageTest Passed
5/ 70 Testing cdICDWithBothImagesTest Passed
6/ 70 Testing prConvertCartoToGeoPoint Passed
7/ 70 Testing prConvertGeoToCartoPoint Passed
8/ 70 Testing prObtainUTMZoneFromGeoPoint Passed
9/ 70 Testing prOrthoRectif


At the end, in the Testing/Temporary directory you should have 2 interesting files:

  • LastTest.log
  • LastTestsFailed.log

You can send them to us for diagnosis.

Have fun!

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