OTB 3.14.1 and Monteverdi 1.12.1 Released

CNES is pleased to announce the release of OTB 3.14.1 and Monteverdi 1.12.1.

This is a minor bug-fix release that corrects several issues from the version 3.14. 21 bugs have been spotted and fixed since the last major release. For more information, please read the complete release note available here.

We recommend that all users update to 3.14.1 as soon as possible to increase stability.

Thanks again to all the contributors for the great work and to all the users for their feedbacks.

As usual, sources (OTB, Monteverdi, OTB-Wrapping) and binary packages (Monteverdi for Mac OS X and Windows) can be downloaded here. For Linux users, new version will be soon available for update through your favorite package manager software.

We welcome your feedback and request, and encourage you to join the community and mailing list.

Let’s move now to OTB 3.16!

OTB Team

3 thoughts on “OTB 3.14.1 and Monteverdi 1.12.1 Released

  1. Do you guys really need to do daily builds for 5 (!) ubuntu releases? I’d be nice if you could cut back on the number/frequency of builds to reduce waiting times for everybody else. Thanks.

    • You’re right, we’ve reactivated the nightly builds this week because we’ve got the release and because we’ve got some issues between gdal and mapnik on some platforms.
      We probably forgot to remove these builds since Tuesday, sorry again.

      We’ll do it next Monday (1 or 2 builds a week and only on Precise)


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