Still a complex system (reloaded)

As it’s interesting to use cmake to display dynamic dependencies of the library (look at this post). We can also look at the dependencies of the OTB binary package (Linux Ubuntu) to show that OTB is (still) a complex system (click on it for a full view):

OTB dependency with debtree

This image shows dependencies of the OTB binary package for Ubuntu from the orfeotoolbox-stable ubuntugis repository. This image was generated using the debtree package

debtree libotb > ~/temporary/
dot -Tpng ~/temporary/ -o ~/temporary/libotb.png

It’s also a very useful representation to understand potential conflicts. For example, this graph shows that the OTB package is linked with to two different versions of gdal (1.7 and 1.9) and that’s a big issue!

NOTE: We had to deactivate for now mapnik support in OTB Linux package generation to . The libotb package for version 3.14 will depend only of version gdal.


New OTB dependency with debtree




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