OTB by the hour

In the last weeks, intensive work has been carried out by the OTB Development Team in order to set up this.

As you can see, you can browse OTB source code (library, applications, bindings and software guide). Every change to the source code is automatically available through the server.

Actually we have migrated the OTB source revision system fom Subversion to Mercurial. That means that what you are browsing from hg.orfeo-toolbox.org is the revision system itself!

We have chosen Mercurial because it is distributed (anybody can get a working copy of the repository and the whole history) and easy to use and install on a web server.

From now on, you can get OTB’s development version anytime and anywhere (if you have internet access!).

Quick tutorial:

  1. Get a mercurial client from here or by using your OS available tools (eg. apt-get install mercurial).
  2. Clone the source tree: hg clone http://hg.orfeo-toolbox.org/OTB for example
  3. Use the source code as usual (compile, etc.)
  4. In order to update your source tree: hg pull; hg update

By now, only OTB developpers have the rights to submit source code to the repository.

You may get this right if you send us good contributions!

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